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    TotalSwipe™ | Universaler Flachmopp

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    Say hello to a clean home & say goodbye to tedious cleaning methods!

    Cleaning corners, edges and under furniture? No problem! With TotalSwipe™'s flexible head and slim design, you can reach even the most difficult places with ease. With its innovative 360° rotating head, this cleaning device glides effortlessly over all types of floors and removes dust, stains and dirt with ease. Plus, the advanced technology of the microfiber pad ensures that it locks in dirt and doesn't just push it around.

    ✔ 360° Swivel Head - TotalSwipe™ is equipped with a 360° swivel head that glides effortlessly around furniture and obstacles. No more annoying bending and stretching - just gentle, efficient cleaning that gets the job done!

    ✔ Extra Large Coverage Area  - The extra large mop head covers more area with every mop, so you can say goodbye to constant back and forth and get the job done in record time!

    ✔ Advanced Microfiber Technology  - TotalSwipe™ microfiber pad not only traps dirt but also prevents it from smearing, creating a stain- and streak-free finish that will have you dancing with joy.

    ✔ Adjustable handle for more comfort - no more bending over and awkward gripping! No matter whether you are tall or short, you will enjoy an ergonomic cleaning that won't hurt your back.

    • Materials: Stainless steel, microfiber
    • Handle length: 137 cm
    • Mop head size: 42 x 12 cm

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