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    DiceFun™ | Interaktives Hölzern Brettspiel

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    Perfect for players of all ages to roll the dice & have fun!

    Get ready for hours of family entertainment with DiceFun™ - grab your game now and roll your way to victory! This game will have the whole family gathering, laughing and strategizing. Players take turns rolling the dice and then the real challenge begins. The goal? Keep as few flaps open as possible during your turn. This is the perfect recipe for unforgettable family game nights!

    ✔ Brain puzzle fun - With two dice and ten numbered flaps, it's all about finding the perfect combination to close as many flaps as possible in your turn. It's like a puzzle and a game in one!

    ✔ Infinite replay value - The combination of strategy and luck keeps every game fresh and exciting. You'll come back to it again and again because it's like a game that never gets boring and keeps you entertained and connected for hours.

    ✔ Versatile gameplay - Play with two players or gather a larger group for some friendly competition. Plus, the rules are easy to understand, so kids and adults alike can have fun.  

    ✔ High-quality workmanship - The wooden board and flaps are durable and ensure that you can enjoy countless game nights without worrying about wear and tear.


    • Material: premium wood
    • Suitable for: 3+ years
    • Size: 22x22x3.5cm

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