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    MixN'Pour™ | Handgerät Teigspender

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    Experience the pleasure of baking without any hassle every time!

    Are you tired of messy pouring and uneven portions? Why bother with messy pouring and uneven results when you can enjoy the convenience and precision of MixN'Pour™! Simply fill the dispenser with your pancake or muffin batter, and with a quick press you can easily dispense the ideal amount into your pan or muffin cups. The result? Fluffy and evenly baked pancakes or wonderfully even muffins that will impress your family and friends!

    ✔ Mess-Free Pouring - Say goodbye to messy countertops and uneven portions! MixN'Pour™ ensures precise pouring so you can dispense the perfect amount of batter without drips or spills. 

    ✔ Perfect portions every time - With this kitchen helper you get even portions every time. Whether you prefer mini cupcakes or fluffy pancakes, he makes sure every serving is just right.

    ✔ 100% Effortless to Use - Simply pour in your favorite pancake or muffin batter, squeeze the handle and watch the batter flow out evenly for consistent and professional results.

    ✔ Practical & durable - The comfortable handle makes handling easier, even during longer baking processes. It's also easy to clean, giving you more time to enjoy your delicious creations.


    • Materials: High quality plastic, silicone
    • Dimensions: 11 x 19 x 10cm
    • Capacity: 900mL
    • Weight: 340g

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