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    TropicalTwilight™ | Hängende Ananas Solar Laterne

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    Transform your garden into a tropical oasis under the stars!

    TropicalTwilight™ is not ordinary outdoor lighting, but brings a piece of paradise into your own garden! As the sun sets, this charming pineapple lantern comes to life and casts a warm and inviting light. And the best part? It's solar powered, so you can enjoy the tropical atmosphere without having to worry about power cords or batteries. Whether you're hosting a cozy outdoor gathering or just relaxing with a book, she creates an atmosphere that's just beautiful!

    ✔ Tropical ambience  - This lantern brings a touch of the tropics to your garden. The pineapple design looks playful and elegant, while the warm light creates a cozy atmosphere in which you can relax after a long day.

    ✔ Solar Powered Glow - It uses the power of the sun to create a mesmerizing glow that transforms your garden into a fairyland at night. No batteries or electricity required!

    ✔ Versatile Charm - Whether you're hosting a barbecue, having a romantic dinner or just chilling with friends, TropicalTwilight™ will set the right mood with its radiant shine and playful design.

    ✔ Weather-resistant & durable - The light is made of high-quality materials and will illuminate your outdoor space with its enchanting light in any weather and add a touch of wonder.

    • Materials:  Stainless steel, copper wire, high quality plastic
    • Size: 17.5x25cm

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