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    TripleSolar™ | Wasserdichte Dreifach-Solar-LED mit Bewegungssensor

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    Brighten up your outdoor space with TripleSolar™!

    Outdoor lighting can be a real headache. Traditional installations are often unsafe, not waterproof and easily damaged, posing a significant safety risk. Unusual outdoor installations can be costly and expensive and have low light output, making it difficult to see and enjoy your outdoor space. With our Solar Sense Three Head LED Sensor Wall Light you can easily brighten up your outdoor area! This solar powered, easy to install wall light is the perfect solution for anyone looking for practical, safe and cost-effective outdoor lighting.

    ✔️ Super bright and 360 degree rotating spotlight.
    With 3 heads and 122/138 LEDs, our wall light can be rotated 360° for optimal light coverage. This means you can easily align the heads in the direction you want.

    ✔️ Practical environmental protection
    Thanks to solar power generation and automatic charging during the day, you can enjoy energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting without worrying about the electricity bill.

    ✔️ Hassle-free use outdoors
    The wall light made of high-quality materials is IP65 waterproof and weatherproof, so you can easily use it even on rainy, snowy or hot days and has a long service life.

    ✔️ PIR sensor & 3 PIR modes
    Our wall light switches on automatically at night and offers three operating modes for maximum comfort.

    ✔️ Long operating time
    With the built-in 18650 lithium battery, our wall light can be fully charged even in low light conditions and lasts all night long.

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