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    50% RABATT | TItanDrill™ | Maximale Kraft & effizientes Bohrerset

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    These drill bits are 10x stronger and more efficient than others!

    Our new TItanDrill™ set is made from a combination of load-bearing steel and a titanium coating, making it more durable and powerful than ever before. The graduated design allows for precise and efficient cutting, making it perfect for industrial buildings.

    ✔ Strong and Practical: A set of 6 specifications, 3 step drills and 3 serrated drills to meet all your drilling needs and improve work efficiency.

    ✔ Precise and Efficient: The multi-stage drilling and sharp edges of the serrated bit make drilling faster, smoother and more efficient.

    ✔ Durable in Use: Made of high quality bearing steel and titanium coating for rust resistance, wear resistance and long service life.

    ✔ Wide Application:  Cuts through a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, wood, tiles, concrete, brick, glass and masonry.

    ✔ Easy to Carry: Light weight and small size for easy storage and use anywhere, anytime.


    1. Connect the drill to the electric drill.
    2. Measure the diameter of the desired hole using other tools.
    3. Select the appropriate size of step drill.
    4. Insert the step drill correctly into the electric drill.
    5. Aim at the target hole position that is perpendicular to the workpiece and begin drilling to the desired size.


    • Material: bearing steel
    • Weight: In the box: 400g, in the bag: 240
    • Size step drill: 4-12, 4-20, 4-32
    • Serrated bit: 3mm, 6mm, 8mm

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