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    SimplySerene® Menstrual Relief Pad

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    The SimplySerene® Menstrual Relief Pad instantly reduces period pain. The combination of heat and massage therapy relieves cramping, relaxes your muscles, and reduces bloating. Thanks to its sleek and comforting design, you can wear your pad all day, even hidden under clothing!

    No more pills riddled with hidden ingredients and harmful side effects. SimplySerene® Menstrual Relief Pad is pain-free.

    Imagine having a masseuse just for your cramps. The SimplySerene® Menstrual Relief Pad is a warm, relaxing massage that hits all the right spots.  

    Unlike other options, our Menstrual Relief Pad really works. No setup, no subscriptions, no awkward cords. Our slim, lightweight design is comfortable. And instead of just masking your cramps, our pad stops them right at the source.

    Thanks to its sleek and comforting design, you can wear your pad all day, even hidden under clothing!

    We've been taught to take pills that are riddled with harmful side-effects. Switch to the SimplySerene® Menstrual Relief Pad for healthy, drug-free period cramp relief.

    It's As Easy As 1-2-3.

    Put her on...

    Wrap Maia around your body with her adjustable strap.

    press a button...

    Turn Maia on and choose from 3 soothing massage modes.

    and relax.

    You're done! Let Maia take care of the rest while you enjoy a pain-free life.

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