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    SocketBoost™ | Multi-Steckdose Einziehbar Stromnabe

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    Declutter your life with the ultimate charging convenience!

    Tired of running out of power outlets and dealing with a tangled mess of cables? This is the SocketBoost™ - your complete solution for all your charging needs! With multiple outlets and universal compatibility in a compact and retractable unit, you have all the charging power you need at your fingertips. Simply pull out the length you need, connect your devices, and keep everything organized and clutter-free!

     ✔ Charge everything at once - No more juggling chargers or waiting for your turn to find a free outlet. SocketBoost™ is equipped with multiple outlets so you can charge all your devices at the same time.  

    ✔ Retractable Cables - The retractable design allows you to adjust the length of the cable to suit your needs and the compact housing holds multiple sockets.

    ✔ Surge protection - It protects your valuable electronic devices from surges and voltage spikes and ensures that they stay safe and healthy. Thanks to its robust construction, it is durable and will protect your devices for years.

    ✔ Take it anywhere - Whether you're traveling, working in a coffee shop, or just need extra power outlets in your office, you can keep SocketBoost™ in your bag anytime, anywhere.


    • Materials: High quality plastic, electrical components
    • Size:  12x5.5cm

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