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    PosturePlus™ | Premium Anti-Rückenschmerz Dekompressionsgürtel

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    Get rid of back pain in no time!

    Are you tired of dealing with back pain that keeps you from doing the things you love? Instead of paying a lot of money for decompression therapy every year, the PosturePlus™ belt offers the same quality and lifelong care! It will help you relieve your back pain and improve your posture so you can enjoy life to the fullest again. Its unique lumbar decompression technology provides gentle, targeted support to your lower back, helping to relieve pressure and tension in this area!

    ✔ Stabilizes your lower back and strengthens your entire core
    Stabilize your lower back, strengthen your back and your core, no matter where you are! It decompresses your lower back joints and discs by lifting the weight of your upper body, helping to strengthen the lower back and improve posture.

    ✔ Essential back & spine support
    Your spine and back support you in your daily life, so it's important to take care of them. Even minor pain caused by them can have a significant impact on our well-being and, if left untreated, lead to increased fatigue, reduced productivity and social isolation. 

     ✔ No more back pain
    Say goodbye to annoying muscle tension and tension that have been holding you back. And that's not all! With improved posture, breathing, digestion and even mood also improve. It's like a whole-body reset that helps you tackle the day like a champion.

     ✔ Experience 100% immediate help
    As soon as you put the belt on and adjust it to your liking, you will feel the gentle support and decompression that relieves your pain. Its light weight and breathable design make it perfect for all day wear and its adjustable straps ensure a perfect, customized fit.


    • Materials: Super soft cotton


    • 1 x PosturePlus™ Belt
    • 1 x Air Pump
    • 1 x Extension Pad
    • 1 x User Manual
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