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    1+1 GRATIS | InstaFix™ | Unsichtbares Anti-Leckage-Mittel

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    Protect and prevent leaks easily and quickly!

    Don't know how to properly repair those worrying cracks and leaks in your home? With InstaFix™ you have a quick and easy solution to any leaking problem! It is a groundbreaking water-based rubberized paste that fully penetrates cracks and seals broken surfaces, creating a 100 percent waterproof barrier for long-term repairs. Now you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are safe from any water damage!

    ✔ 100% invisible protection
    The transparent formula ensures that your property retains its original appearance and is still protected. You won't even notice the coating is there, but it works hard to protect your belongings from water damage.

    ✔ Long-lasting effect
    The quick-drying ingredients enable easy plastering, repairing and sealing. The powerful solution only gets stronger over time, no matter the weather, so you don't have to worry about constantly reapplying it.

    ✔ Incredibly easy to apply
    Simply use the included brush to apply the formula to the surface you want to protect and allow to dry. Perfect for anyone who wants to protect their belongings without spending hours on end.

    ✔ Premium quality product
    It is completely transparent, does not yellow and is suitable for immediately solving water intrusions in walls, ceilings, pipes, floors and much more. It forms a strong and durable waterproof barrier that protects everything from water damage.


    • InstaFix™ Weight: 100g
    • Brush weight: 13g

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