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    50% RABATT | FlexiBench™ | Allzweck-Sitzbank für die Gartenarbeit

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    Say goodbye to pain and hello to more comfortable gardening!

    Are you tired of suffering from joint pain while working in the garden or around the house? Then the FlexiBench™ is just right for you, as it is a versatile seat for gardening! With extra padding and adjustable features, it offers comfort and support and easily converts from a regular bench to a kneeling bench so you can work on any task in comfort. And when you're done, it can be quickly folded up and stored away until your next project!

    ✔ Offers 100% customizable comfort
    The FlexiBench™ is extra padded to provide superior comfort and support, making it perfect for hours of work in the garden or at home. The adjustable functions allow you to adapt the comfort to your needs.

    ✔ Easy to use and transport
    This transformative garden seat can be used as both a regular bench and a kneeler, making it versatile. It is also foldable, making it easy to store and transport.

    ✔ Wide range of uses
    Whether you need to plant flowers, pull weeds or do household repairs, this bench is the perfect tool to make your tasks easier and more convenient. It is versatile and therefore a must for every gardener and DIY enthusiast.

    ✔ Incredibly durable and robust
    It is made from high-quality materials that guarantee a long service life. The robust construction can hold up to 150kg, making it perfect for heavy gardening and household work.


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