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    50% RABATT | CoreShaper™ | Bauch-Burner Bauchmuskel-Trainingsgeräte

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    Burn belly fat, get toned abs and the six pack abs you dream of!

    Are you tired of doing endless sit-ups and crunches without getting results? "I'm too busy" is no longer an excuse. You only need 20 minutes a day to improve your shape, lose fat and build muscle fast - only with CoreShaper™! It is specifically designed to burn belly fat and give you a toned and defined midsection. You can do this workout from the comfort of your own home, without expensive gym equipment or memberships.

    ✔ Targets and burns belly fat. 
    This is the perfect device for anyone who wants to lose weight and improve their figure. By contracting your core muscles, you can burn fat and build muscle in your abdominals, obliques, and lower back. Say goodbye to your love handles and get on your way to a defined six-pack!

    ✔ 100% Incredibly easy to use
    The smooth-running wheel and ergonomic handles ensure a comfortable and effective workout, and the compact size makes it easy to store and transport. Plus, you can do this workout anytime, anywhere!

    ✔ Versatile training
    By tensing your oblique muscles and lower back muscles, you can achieve a tight and defined core. Plus, you can easily increase or decrease the intensity of the workout, making it suitable for all fitness levels.

    ✔ Saves money and time
    You can do this workout comfortably at home, without expensive equipment or weights. Plus, it's quick and efficient, so you can fit it into even the busiest of schedules.


    • Materials: Premium plastic
    • Dimensions: 37 x 35 x 14cm
    • Weight: 1370g
      Automatic Rebound Abdominal Wheel – delasbycan

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