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    1+1 GRATIS | InstaShine™ | Sofortige Metall- und Eisenreinigungspolitur

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    Restore all metal and iron surfaces quickly and easily!

    Do you want your motorcycles, kitchen appliances or jewelry to look like new? Luckily, there is this magical formula known as InstaShine™ that removes rust from steel appliances and utensils, restoring them to their lost appearance and functionality! This product softens and completely removes tarnish, dirt and rust. You'll be surprised at how quickly the solution disappears with a single swipe!

    ✔ Gives a new shine
    This magical solution rejuvenates dull and chipped metals by removing tarnish and polishing to an immense, mirror-like shine that lasts for years.

    ✔ 100% safe and non-harmful
    This unique polishing cream is made from only the finest ingredients and developed with a mild, scratch-free formula that allows safe use on all types of metals without damaging surfaces.

    ✔ Provides 24/7 tarnish protection
    It leaves a protective tarnish layer that prevents and delays the recurrence of tarnish and keeps the metal shiny for years longer. 

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    ✔ Effortless Application
    Simply apply a sufficient amount of metal polish cream to a high-quality microfiber application pad and gently work it into any metal surface to achieve a radiant, high-gloss shine. 

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      • Weight: 10g

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